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Sea6 Energy in the News and Public Media

November 2014: Sea6 Energy was showcased on Times Now in "The Power of Shunya", a show which focused on outlining important challenges with a clear focus on developing sustainable solutions and looking into problems that need to be redressed by the means of Science and Innovation. Here is the link to the video.

June 2014: Sea6 Energy gets featured on the BBC. Horizons critically reviews the cutting-edge science and emerging technologies that could radically shape our future, disrupt the status quo, and alter the way people live and work in the decades ahead. You can find the video here.

Sea6 Energy was featured in the Economic Times in January 2014 as one of the top upcoming lifescience startups in India.

We were also covered in the Wall Street Journal in October 2013.

The Emerging Company of the Year 2012
@ Bangalore Bio

Sea6 Energy is extremely honored and grateful to the Govt of Karnataka for recognizing us as "The Emerging Company of the Year 2012" in industrial biotechnology. This recognition boosts our confidence in powering India towards a sustainable energy security. BioSpectrum has an article on Bangalore Bio and the awards.

Partnership with Novozymes

A research collaboration between Novozymes and Sea6 Energy will explore enzymatic technology to produce fuel ethanol, fine chemicals and protein from seaweed.

Click here to read the press release

This partnership was covered by many reputed news companies. Click their logos to be redirected to the article.

 Why Seaweed Biofuel?

A short introduction to our thinking of why looking at the oceans for biofuel makes sense.

Click here to download the document

Sea6 Energy was featured in Economic Times in an article written by Hari Pulakkat on Jul 28 2011. Here's a link to the web version, or a PDF of the newsprint article.

The Economic Times article was picked up by a lot of other news sites, and with a few cosmetic changes, they featured it on their websites too!